C# Coding Questions


  • Write a method to return sum of n number (from 1 to n) for a given integer input n, without using a mathematical formula
  • Write a class of which only 5 objects can be created
  • Find the first longest even word in string
  • Write a program to print all permutations of a given string
  • Find MAX repeated item in the list
  • MAX repeated item in the list
  • Find top three repeating numbers in an int Array

Stack and Queue

  • Create a Custom Queue using two Stacks

Single LinkedList

  • Create a LinkedList
  • Add Node or Insert Node at tail
  • Insert a Node at Head
  • Insert a Node at nth position
  • Delete Node from nth position
  • Delete Node having a particular value
  • Print all nodes (using recursion)
  • Print all nodes (without using recursion)
  • Print all nodes in reverse order
  • Print Node at nth position from end
  • Reverse a linked list
  • Delete duplicate-value nodes from a sorted linked list

Binary Tree

  • Create a Binary Search Tree
  • Insert a Node to Binary Search Tree
  • Tree Traversal – InOrder
  • Tree Traversal – PreOrder
  • Tree Traversal – PostOrder
  • Find the height of a Binary Search Tree
  • Find if a given Tree is Binary Search Tree
  • Breadth First Tree Traversal
  • Sorted Array to Balanced BST
  • Print Tree View on Console

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