WCF Interview Questions

  • What is “ABC” of WCF?
  • What are different bindings supported in WCF?
  • Mex EndPoints in WCF
  • Difference between Web Service and WCF
  • How WCF session is different from ASP.Net session?
  • Explain Throttling in WCF
  • Serializable vs DataContract
  • Different Contracts in WCF
  • Fault Contract in WCF
  • Data Contract vs Message Contract
  • WCF instantiation and concurrency
  • Different ways of hosting WCF service
  • Global exception handling in WCF
  • Authentication and Authorization in WCF
  • Web based security in WCF
  • Windows based security in WCF
  • How do we achieve transactions in WCF
  • Creating RESTful service in WCF

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