Interview Questions for Experienced

  • Restful service vs Web Service
  • Meaning of statelessness in Rest APIs
  • ACID principals in SQL
  • Use of “checked” keyword during mathematical calculations
  • Dependency injection tool in .NET
  • How to handle concurrency in Entity Framework?
  • What do you mean by TDD?
  • How much STACK and HEAP memory is assigned to each process in .NET?
  • Different Isolation levels in Database
  • How to design your own ThreadPool?
  • Where does the static variables live?
  • Web Garden vs Web Farm
  • How can we test Private methods?
  • Circular reference and Garbage Collector
  • App domain vs App pool
  • Asynchronous vs Parallel Programming
  • Can we have Static members in a Generic class?
  • How two ViewModels talk to each other in MVVM
  • Why do we use interface?
  • Soap vs Rest architecture
  • Meaning of Dependency injection, Dependency injection frameworks in .NET

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