Try answer these C# Interview Questions

  • Can we override a static method?
  • Constructor chaining
  • Difference between event and delegate
  • Default access modifier of a class in C#
  • Why C# doesn’t allow class level multiple inheritance?
  • Size of an Empty class in C#
  • Why the main entry point of a c# programme is static?
  • Difference between boxing and casting
  • Memory map of static class
  • Why Microsoft did not provide class level multiple inheritance?
  • Use of “checked” keyword
  • How can we test a Private method?
  • Where does the static variables live in memory?
  • Garbage collector and circular reference
  • How much STACK and HEAP memory is assigned to each process in .NET?
  • How to design a custom ThreadPool?
  • Static member in Generic class?
  • App domain vs App pool
  • Web Garden vs Web Farm
  • How can I make my .NET application erase/delete itself?

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